Faith, Family & Friends

Faith, Family & Friends

6:15 - 7:15pm

in Cardinal Newman Hall


Faith Family & Friends (FF&F) is St. Paul Catholic Newman Center’s Religious Education and Faith Formation program for the entire parish – EVERYONE!

FF&F is not just for families with children but provides an opportunity for everyone to become life-long learners of their faith. It provides the parish with the opportunity to build community as a family of faith, form friendship bonds, and offers a place where we can question and discuss important elements of our Catholic Christian faith together.

 Adults have their choice of educational offerings in the topic areas of Scripture, Catholic Faith, Prayer, and Family Life (Relationships/Parenting).

Registration forms for Families with Children and Adults Only are below.    Please join us!

Faith, Family & Friends

Fall 2023 Schedule

Sept.   19        Opening Session – All Adults Orientation; Children’s Classes

            26       Individual Classes Adults & Children

Oct.     3         Intergenerational Session: Creation Care/St. Francis Event

            10      Individual Classes Adults & Children

            17      Individual Classes Adults & Children

            24      Individual Classes Adults & Children

            31      No FF&F

Nov.    7         Individual Classes Adults & Children

          14        Individual Classes Adults & Children

          21        No FF&F

          28        Individual Classes Adults & Children

Dec.  5           All Adults Session; Children’s Classes

         12         Intergenerational Session: Nativity Story – St. Nickolas Photo Op. – Pizza & Dessert

         19         No FF&F

         26         No FF&F


Contact Information

Sr. Kathleen Drilling

Director of Religious Education

436-3434 ext.104


John Prandini

Director of Ministries

436-3434 ext.107


Father Byron Macias, CMF 

Parish Priest

436-3434 ext.105



Interested in Joining?

Contact: Jakki Pucheu

Click Here for their Direct Page

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