The Newman Center’s Marriage Enrichment Ministry provides on-going education, activities, pastoral counseling, and support to improve and strengthen the relationships of married couples. The focus of our ministry is to deepen and strengthen marriages, and to address the common difficulties that threaten relationships.
Our meetings are intended to be fun and lighthearted with opportunities for enrichment, healing and renewal. Meeting include socialization and community building with other married and engaged couples.

Ongoing Marriage Preparation and Marriage Enrichment Tool


Individual couples are invited to take advantage of our PREPARE/ENRICH  program provided by our PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator John Prandini, MA. It is an essential component of our Marriage Preparation process and Marriage Enrichment offerings.

What is it?

PREPARE/ENRICH is a scientifically-developed program that has been shown to improve relationship skills such as communication and conflict resolution, and significantly improves relationship satisfaction.

Is PREPARE/ENRICH right for your relationship?

Any long-term relationship can benefit. It doesn't matter wjether you and your partner are engaged or co-habitating, are newlyweds, or have been married for years. If you are in a committed relationship, PREPARE/Enrich will give you the tools you need for long-term relationship success.

How does the program work?

You begin by taking the PREPARE/ENRICH online assessment to identify your current strengths and growth areas as a couple. You then meet with certified facilitator, John Prandini, who provides feedback to help you understand your results as well as teach you important relationship skills. From beginning to end, the program is designed to be comfortable, relaxed, and even fun.

For more information or to participate in our PREPARE/ENRICH program, contact John Prandini at

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