Christian marriage is a great adventure, through which you will establish a new family, grow in love with each other, and encounter Christ in your personal and family life. A Catholic wedding emphasizes the sacred nature of marriage—one that involves a life commitment, total fidelity between a man and woman, and an openness to children.

St. Paul Catholic Newman Center looks forward to celebrating your love on the day of your wedding. May you find true joy as husband and wife on your wedding day and all the days of your life. If you are interested in making wedding plans at the Newman Center, please call Jenna at 436-3434 or

Marriage Prep Workshop

A one-day marriage prep workshop

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Program Requirements:

  1. Complete an online PREPARE / ENRICH assessment, and participate in a follow-up counseling session to review the results of the Inventory
  2. Register for and attend one of the Newman Center’s Saturday Marriage Preparation Workshops
  3. Following the workshop schedule and attend an individual counseling session with a marriage and family life counselor associated with the Newman Center.

Upon completion of these requirements, you will have satisfied the Diocese’s Pre-Marriage Preparation requirement.

To register you may:

Contact John Prandini at 

OR register online - Marriage Prep Form

Contact Information

Parish Life Coordinator: Deacon John Supino, 436-3434 or
Marriage Preparation: John Prandini, Director of Family Life Ministry, or 436-3434 Ext. 107
Engaged Encounter: 265-3365 or
Wedding Coordinator: Please call the office. 
If you are interested in making wedding plans at the Newman Center, please contact Jenna Sainz at the parish office at 436-3434 or at

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