Prayer & Life Workshops

The Prayer & Life Workshop is one of the most faith-building journeys I have encountered. The workshop is progressive and each week a different prayer method is introduced, along with Scripture readings and a message. It is exactly what the name says – prayer and life. I have learned ways of prayer, and ways to be near God, and these ways with practice have permeated my daily life. It is a silent, peaceful, grateful daily practice that gives you time with God as one might have with a dear friend. A gift!”   Jane Toon

In these 15-week session Workshops, you will learn different methods of prayer that will help you develop a closer walk with our Lord Christ Jesus. Come and experience how prayer can change your life and give you healing, and the peace of mind and heart that can only come from God.

Prayer & Life Workshops explore a variety of ways to pray and how prayer can transform how we think, pray, and live. Workshops include 15 sessions of various prayer traditions to lead you into a deeper and more loving experience with God through Christ Jesus. Workshops are facilitated by Prayer & Life Workshop Guide Regina Flores. 

Prayer & Life Workshops: Weekly Workshops are held on Wednesday evenings, August 9 – November 15, 2023, from 6:00 - 8:00pm in the Library.

To register or for information email: Regina Flores at; cell number: 559 974-5578. 


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