Tai Chi for Health & Arthritis (currently postponed until further notice)


The Tai Chi for Health & Arthritis Program is designed to improve the quality of life for people using the Sun style of Tai Chi known for its healing components. Tai Chi can improve mobility, balance, muscular strength, coordination, concentration, memory, and vital energy through slow and gentle movements. Class participation promotes community and friendships among its participants and helps to combat loneliness and isolation that is sometimes a concern after retirement. Movements are adapted and do not require deep bending or squatting, making learning easier and more comfortable. Tai Chi for Health & Arthritis is a component of our holistic health ministry for seniors. Classes are taught by certified instructors led by Mary Ann Villegas.


For information: contact John Prandini, Director of Ministries, at prandinij@csufnewman.com.

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