St. Paul Catholic Newman Center
High School Confirmation Program

Confirmation “unites us more solidly to Christ. It completes our bond with the Church and gives us the special strength of the Holy Spirit to spread and defend the faith…” - Pope Francis 

The Confirmation Program at St. Paul Catholic Newman Center is student centered with the goal to help young people make a choice to be lifelong Disciples of Jesus.

We believe that each child from the moment of conception is on a path to knowing and following Jesus.

We take delight in them and strive to help them find their God given gift to build of the Kingdom of God.

We strive to create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, free of judgments so all may feel welcome to share and define their Catholic Christian life in the Church and the world.

We hope to open the eyes and ears of the students to the cries of the poor. As they are transformed by an attitude of service the Mission of Christ will become theirs and change the world bit by bit.

We understand that our young people live in a very busy world connected to everything and everyone but often feel disconnected for this reason we provide a retreat for both first and second years. The retreat is a major part of the Confirmation experience and we ask that it be attended each year. If it is impossible to attend please have your child talk to Sister Kathleen.

We see the young people as the future of the Catholic Church and we ask that you support them in their growth as members of the Church by weekly attendance at Mass.

HS Confirmation 2020 - 2021

The time has come to begin to think Confirmation and believe me there has been a lot of thinking and praying to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and grace. While we are venturing into an unknown land the Spirit is going before us and that is the greatest lesson we will learn this year. Wherever we are going God is already there and the journey is the process.

The Confirmation Classes will be via Zoom, more details to follow after you have registered your child. 

The Confirmation Program is a two-year program, the candidate needs to be 16 by the time they get confirmed. 

For further information please contact Sister Kathleen Drilling, SSND 559-436-3434 ext.104 

Thanks for your patience with us as we try to make this a wonderful Grace filled year for your sons and daughters.

Peace and Blessings,

Sister Kathleen Drilling, SSND

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