Update on HS Confirmation

April 2, 2020

Hi Confirmation Families,


One of the lines of today Gospel reading comes from the words of Jesus. "I say to you, whoever keeps my word will never see death."

How can this be? In these times it seems Jesus was mad and yet we know this to be true in the best of times. Today our faithfulness to the simple things will save us, Let me list a couple of simple things, laughter, smiles, a funny joke, a call or a text from a friend, a walk through the neighborhood witnessing the blooming of spring, a quiet time of prayer, reflection and or meditation.... I encourage you to make your own lists and share them with each other.

I know you have many questions and I will try to give some information. 

  • When will we be back to class?
  • Will we be Confirmed? For 2nd Year Candidates
  • When? 

I wish I knew the answers to these three questions. Right now, the questions are in the hands of Bishop Joe. I know for a fact he holds us all in prayer and will only open us up when it is safe to gather. Opening up will likely come in stages and will have some limitations. What that will mean remains to be seen and when we know we will follow the directives we are given to let you know.  What I do know is that you will be confirmed. Now, having said what we do not know is when and how this will work. During normal times it is the Bishop's charge to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation. To say the least he will be far behind when we open up. I am sure he is aware and will do what can make all happen in a timely manner. 

Again we will let you know when we know.

  • What can you do now? 
  • Are their sites for you to visit to keep learning?

Right now set a schedule that includes time for prayer, reflection, and or meditation. During this coming week we will be sending sites to help. May I ask you to help by sharing a site that you like. The one I would suggest right now is Busted Halo and Father Mike Schmitt. More will follow.

Lastly, on Sunday we begin Holy Week with Palm Sunday. This week is the summit of Jesus' earthly life and as we now experience in real time now it is being lived in our lives. Beginning this Sunday at 9:30 am Newman Center will livestream the Liturgy I invite you to join us. I saw a suggestion to place a palm or olive branch on your front door to welcome Jesus into our city. 


Please, know I miss you all and wish we could meet. Know I hold you in prayer daily and ask you to remember us. I will talk to you again soon and believe it or not maybe in a video. If you have any questions feel free to email me or Cristina.

God Bless you and stay safe, I hold you in my heart prayers. Remember St. John Henry Newman's motto "Heart Speaks to Heart." 


Sister Kathleen Drilling, SSND

*Please share this with your child*

St. Paul Catholic Newman Center
High School Confirmation Program

Confirmation “unites us more solidly to Christ. It completes our bond with the Church and gives us the special strength of the Holy Spirit to spread and defend the faith…” - Pope Francis 

The Confirmation Program at St. Paul Catholic Newman Center is student centered with the goal to help young people make a choice to be lifelong Disciples of Jesus.

We believe that each child from the moment of conception is on a path to knowing and following Jesus.

We take delight in them and strive to help them find their God given gift to build of the Kingdom of God.

We strive to create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance, free of judgments so all may feel welcome to share and define their Catholic Christian life in the Church and the world.

We hope to open the eyes and ears of the students to the cries of the poor. As they are transformed by an attitude of service the Mission of Christ will become theirs and change the world bit by bit.

We understand that our young people live in a very busy world connected to everything and everyone but often feel disconnected for this reason we provide a retreat for both first and second years. The retreat is a major part of the Confirmation experience and we ask that it be attended each year. If it is impossible to attend please have your child talk to Sister Kathleen.

We see the young people as the future of the Catholic Church and we ask that you support them in their growth as members of the Church by weekly attendance at Mass.

The Confirmation Program is a two-year program, the candidate needs to be 16 by the time they get confirmed. 

For further information please contact Sister Kathleen Drilling, SSND 559-436-3434 ext.104 skd@csufnewman.com 

Dear Families and Young Friends,
“The Advocate, the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name – [the Spirit] will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.”
John 14:26-27
My Friends, we at Newman love you so much and are sorry this all happened. Daily you have been in my personal prayers and I know I have been pretty quiet. For that I am sorry this has not been an easy time for any of us but if we have been paying attention it has been a time of great emotion and I hope insight. Talk about an extended Retreat!
During this time there have been great and small disappointments and I ask you what have you learned from them? There have, I hope, been times for nature and walks through spring and I hope you noticed God walking with you through the beauty. How did you experience God’s presence in your surroundings? Sad to say some have experienced death of those we love and the end of planned events or long awaited celebrations. How did you get through those and how have you been transformed through all of these? Lastly, what have you learned about yourself and the world around you? How do you plan to move forward?
Below you will find an attachment of a letter from Deacon John please open and read together. If you have questions, understand this is the Bishop’s directive and we are in contact with him often. We understand he has much on his plate and together we pray for Bishop Joe and all those in our Diocese.
I would love to hear from you via email and I will respond. Remember I am back in the email stage of life but maybe we can develop something new. I am sorry we are in this place but you will be Confirmed when we can and we will make every effort to include you in the planning. Know that you are held in my Heart Prayer every day and I thank you for your prayers. One little secret, on the day of your Baptism you were anointed and received the Holy Spirit, Confirmation confirms in a special way that Spirit’s Presence in you and you are a full member of the Body of Christ. Call on that Holy Spirit to guide and protect you. We need you now more than ever, please, don’t abandon His Community the Church. Stay and help this Church grow and change. We need what you have learned through all of this. I have missed you more than you will ever know.
Peace and Much Love,
Sister Kathleen Drilling, SSND

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