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The Joy of Love Moms Group is a family ministry lead by moms! The group’s mission is to
empower parish moms to bring their families together to play, pray, serve and grow in our Catholic
faith together. Activities include: Sunday morning playground ministry after the 9:30 AM Mass; Family
faith formation activities; Bible study/spiritual reading group activities; Women and Family Retreats;
Service projects for families; and Leadership opportunities within the ministry. Contact Jakki Pucheu


Ladies! I am so grateful for you and the community of support we have built--and continue to build-- for our families.  Regardless of how we do "mom," we respect and support one another on this mutual journey of motherhood.  Your encouragement, inspiration, and example bless our families so much.  Thank you for all you do!

I am excited about the activities available to us. As always, these are intended only to enrich your family lives, never to overwhelm or overschedule them!  So, join in when it works for you.

JoyofLove Moms

Aug. 28, 2022


I hope that the new school year brings your family peace and the joy of new beginnings.  It has been such a joy to reconnect with many of you after a summer break. Each of you inspires me.  I see the little and big ways you sacrifice in an effort to show your child God's love. Your dedication and selflessness to the vocation of motherhood will indeed bear much fruit.  As my four kiddos grow and some of the littlest years appear to be behind us, I can relate more and more to this quote from Pope St Paul the VI:  "Every mother is like Moses. She does not enter the promised land. She prepares a world she will not see."  How true... may this perspective keep us focused on raising children grounded in their faith and rooted in the awareness of how much, and how unconditionally they are loved.  We strive each day to work ourselves out of a job, right?  I know our Loving God has amazing plans for each of the kids he has brought together through our Joy of Love ministry. Thank you for all you do, and for being such a special part of our village of Catholic moms joining together in our shared vocation.

Faith Family and Friends:  Our parish faith formation program-- Faith Family & Friends-- meets Tuesday evenings 6:00-7:00pm. Please register your family online at 

If your family has not been a part of our Faith Family & Friends in past years, please consider joining!  Our families gather together to grow in our faith, with catechism classes offered for pre-K through high school students and for adults... all on the same night.  This fellowship and learning opportunity has been a beautiful blessing to my family over the past 13 years.  The friendships and relationships with parish staff and volunteers strengthen us on the Way!  We will continue to involve the children and teens in the weekly prayer services (5:45-6:00 each Tuesday before class) and Intergenerational masses.  If your child or teen would like to be a part of the choir, altar serve, or lector for an upcoming mass, please contact Karl Gurney at Children/Teen choir practice will continue to be held at 5 pm before each Children's Mass.

Hikes with Mary:  We are so excited for the return of the Hikes with Mary. Father Byron announced his hikes will be  on the first Saturday of each month.  Please join other Joy of Love families in this special opportunity to connect with Creation, our faith, and our community. 

Playground Fellowship: Sundays after the 9:30 mass, we will continue our Playground Fellowship out on the playground west of the Chapel.  We will play games and connect with one another. Please join us to meet other families and form friendship bonds.

Blessings and Love,



The Joy of Love Moms Group is a ministry of the St. Paul Catholic Newman Center. We empower moms to connect families to play, pray, serve, and grow in faith together. Check us out on Facebook:





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