SoulCore (start date to be announced)

What is SoulCore?

SoulCore is a movement activity that strengthens the body & soul by combining the prayers of the rosary with core strengthening, stretching, and functional movements.  SoulCore is a sensory experience that may combine candlelight, aromatherapy, music, and sacred art, providing participants the opportunity to nourish body, mind & soul while contemplating the mysteries and fruits of the rosary.  

SoulCore is a movement all its own.  It is based on Christian meditation, which is always focused on the life of Jesus Christ. It is about “filling” the mind & soul, specifically with the life, virtues, and Word of Christ. Our Lady’s desire is always to lead us closer to her son Jesus.  As a Marian apostolate, SoulCore imitates her in striving to draw others closer to Christ through deeper reflection on His life and virtues in the rosary.  


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