Come… Follow Me follows a 12 Step Spiritual Path based on Scripture, the Beatitudes, and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Designed to guide you in your search for hope, healing, and serenity, the steps provide a roadmap to discern God's will for your life and the support to live it out. It offers tools and resources to minimize your ego and to maximize your humility and willingness to serve God and others. The 12 Steps will help you grow spiritually and travel a path to peace and holiness.

The Program is facilitated by Shannon Fast and John Prandini.

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What are the Spiritual 12 Steps on this journey?

1.    Admitting your spiritual poverty & powerlessness 

2.    Believing that the power of God can heal you and restore you to wholeness. 

3.    Deciding to turn your will and life over to the care of God. 

4.    Making a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself. 

5.    Admitting to God, yourself, and another human being the exact nature of your wrongs. 

6.    Being entirely ready to have God remove all of your defects of character. 

7.    Humbly asking God to remove your shortcomings. 

8.    Making a list of all the persons you have harmed and become willing to make amends to them. 

9.    Making direct amends whenever possible, except when doing so would injure them or others. 

10. Continuing to take personal inventory and when wrong promptly admit it. 

11. Seeking through prayer and meditation to improve your conscious contact with God, praying only for knowledge of God's will for you, and the power to carry that out. 

12. Practicing these spiritual principles in all of your affairs, carrying the message to other by your life, and being of service to others. 

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