Family Life Ministry

Marriage Preparation 

The Newman Center offers one day marriage preparation workshops held at the Newman Center to assist in fulfilling the pre-marriage requirements of the Diocese of Fresno. Workshops begin at 8:00am and conclude with Mass at 5:00pm and are held on selected Saturdays throughout the year. Advance registration is required! A network of licensed marriage and family therapists associated with the Newman Center are used as educators within our Marriage Preparation Program and are referral resources when needed. Each couple will participate in one session with an approved licensed marriage and family therapist or family life minister as part of their marriage preparation. If for some compelling reason a couple cannot attend the one day workshop, they can see a counselor associated with or approved by the Newman Center for 3-5 sessions. The additional cost is the responsibility of the couple. To register you can pick up a form at our front desk office.

Our next marriage preparation workshop will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2019. 

Marriage Enrichment

This program focuses on strengthening and developing relationships through mutual support, education, and mentoring. Contact John Prandini for any more information at or at 436-3434 Ext. 107.

Divorce & Separated Group

The St. Paul Catholic Newman Center offers an open, friendly atmosphere for spiritual encouragement, growth, emotional support, and healing.Contact John Prandini at for further information.  

Grief Support

This group offers support to those who may be copng with the death of a loved one. There are sessions in the spring, summer, and fall. Please refer to the bulletin for dates. Contact the office for more information 436-3434. 

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