Mission Statement

We acknowledge that we are all children of God and members of God’s human family. In our own unique ways, we all pass through the same developmental stages of life, experience similar spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical challenges, and need guidance and support during the predictable stages of life and the unpredictable crises that often occur. It is with this perspective that Family Life Ministry provides spiritual and pastoral support and practical programs, resources, and classes to enrich the lives and well-being of all the parishioners and families of St. Paul Catholic Newman Center throughout all phases of life.



Joy of Love Moms Family Ministry

The Joy of Love Moms Group is a family ministry lead by moms! The group’s mission is to empower parish moms to bring their families together to play, pray, serve and grow in our Catholic faith together. Activities include: Sunday morning playground ministry after the 9:30 AM Mass; Family faith formation activities; Bible study/spiritual reading group activities; Women and Family Retreats; Service projects for families; and Leadership opportunities within the ministry. Contact Jakki Pucheu at joyoflovemoms@gmail.com


Marriage Preparation Program

The Newman Center’s Marriage Preparation Program requires you to 1) Complete an online PREPARE/ENRICH assessment and participate in a follow-up counseling session to review the results of the assessment; 2) Register for and attend one of the Newman Center’s Saturday Marriage Preparation Workshops; 3) Schedule and attend an individual counseling session with a marriage and family life counselor associated with the Newman Center following the Workshop. Upon completion of these requirements, engaged couples will have satisfied the Diocese’s Marriage Preparation requirement.

To register click on the heading Sacraments and select Marriage from the drop-down menu, and then click the link to Marriage Prep Registration.


Marriage Enrichment Ministry

The Newman Center’s Marriage Enrichment ministry provides ongoing education, activities, pastoral counseling, and support to improve and strengthen the relationships of married couples. The focus of our ministry is to deepen and strengthen marriages and address the common difficulties that threaten relationships. Our meetings are intended to be fun and lighthearted with opportunities for enrichment, healing, and renewal. Meetings include socialization and community building with other married and engaged couples.


Divorce and Separated Support

St. Paul Catholic Newman Center offers an open, friendly atmosphere for spiritual encouragement, emotional support, and healing for those coping with and healing from separation or divorce. Resources and materials are available.


Grief Support

The Grief Support Ministry offers spiritual and emotional support to those who are coping with the death of a loved one. There are support group sessions in the fall and spring.

The next series of Grief Support meetings will begin November 7 through Nov. 28. There will be an Evening of Remembrance celebration in the Chapel on Dec. 5th.

Contact John Prandini at prandinij@csufnewman.com or through the front desk at 436-3434, ext. 107.                   


All Are Welcome Ministry

The Newman Center’s All Are Welcome Ministry seeks to provide a welcoming environment and a supportive faith community for all persons. The ministry’s goal is to provide outreach, education, fellowship, and pastoral support to persons and their families. The ministry calls all Catholics to know and share in the challenges, burdens, and blessings of all persons striving to live a Christian life within the Catholic tradition and to become allies in these efforts.

For information contact John Prandini, Director of Ministries at prandinij@csufnewman.com.

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