Faith Formation (Faith, Family, & Friends)

Faith, Family & Friends

Meets Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm  in Cardinal Newman Hall

Classes begin on Tuesday, September 24 at 5:30pm in Cardinal Newman Hall

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How does it work?

Families and individuals gather weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:30pm to learn about and grow in their faith. Each gathering begins with a general presentation followed by age appropriate break-out sessions and instruction for pre-school, elementary students (grades 1-6), Jr. High students (grades 7-8), High school, and adults. One time per month, the evening begins with a meal, and the entire group often remains together for a community building activity that relates to some aspect of our Catholic Christian faith. Other times the children will be dismissed to their classes and just the adults will remain for a special program. Music, drama, activities and small group instruction help to create a spiritual formation and religious learning process that is interesting and dynamic.

Who participates in Faith, Family & Friends?

EVERYONE! All ages, singles, couples, families, extended family members, friends, visitors, teenagers, people from other parishes, neighbors, EVERYONE! Faith, Family & Friends is intended to be shared by individuals and by entire households. The idea is for everyone to learn and share together as a parish family. Faith, Family & Friends is also designed to provide families with ideas, suggestions, materials and support to enable them to integrate faith into their daily family life.


  • Facilitate conversations about faith & religious issues among family members
  • Continue learning with age appropriate materials
  • Help develop family ritual celebrations that foster Catholic identity, tradition & faith
  • Encourage family prayer
  • Help to reflect on life experiences in light of faith
  • Help to enable us to act justly, and to serve those in need in and out of the home
  • Become aware of “moments of meaning and grace” in normal daily life
  • Filter experiences through the lens of faith and spirituality
  • Become aware of God’s presence in our lives…and respond to it
  • Develop a faith “rapport” with one another
  • Connect informal faith experiences with the more formal religious practices of the Church
  • Become intentional about growing in faith

Is it mandatory for parents/guardians to attend with their children? 

Yes, we expect parents to attend with their children. We are asking parents to be full partners with the church in the spiritual development of their children. However, we realize there might be situations in which this is not possible—i.e. parents may have to work—in which case a responsible adult who is involved in the child’s life (grandparent or other relative, godparent or family friend) must attend in the parent’s place.

What we believe about families:

We believe that parents are the primary educators of the faith to their children and we are asking parents to be full partners with the church in the spiritual development of their children.
We believe that children—adolescents and teens included—need their parents and other adults to be involved in their faith journey, to provide positive role models and encouragement.
We believe that parents want to know what their children are learning, and believe they want to share in their children’s faith journey.
We believe that the faith formation of your children is possibly the most important task a parent has in their role as a loving parent. Raising children in the Catholic faith cannot be a separate extra-curricular activity.

We encourage all individuals with their friends and family members to register for Faith, Family & Friends! We would love to welcome you, your family and friends. Everyone is welcome! For more information, contact John Prandini, Director of Family Life Ministry at 436-3434, Ext. 107 or

Registration Forms

Our Schedule

Catholic Faith & Scripture Topics 

Family Life Topics


1 Brief Safe Environment (15 min) 

   Passing on the Faith (All Adults)  

8 The St. John Bible - Deacon Bill  

    What is Parenting? / Looking at Our Role as Parents - Jen Smith Ph.D. 

15 The St. John Bible - Deacon Bill

    Tantrums and Anger Management - Jen Smith Ph.D.

22 The St. John Bible - Deacon Bill

    Positive Reinforcement / Praise / Punishment and Interventions - Jen Smith Ph.D.

29 Meal Night / Intergenerational  


5 What do we do with the Bible? - Deacon John

    Assertiveness and active Listening - John Prandini

12 What do we do with the Bible? - Deacon John

     Conflict Resolution - John Prandini

19 What do we do with the Bible? - Deacon John 

     The Dangers of Vaping - Tina teNyenhuis

26 No FF&F (Thanksgiving)  


5 Our Lady of Guadalupe - Benito Medrano  

10 Parish Mission (Adults)   

17 Christmas Program  

24 No FF&F (Christmas Break)

31 No FF&F (Christmas Break)

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