Faith, Family & Friends Program 2020 - 2021

Dear Faith, and Friends:

God Bless you all for your patience and hopefully understanding. We have been working hard to set up what we hope will be a wonderful experience for you and for your children as together you share your faith in God and build your own “Domestic Church. We often forget the Church we know came from small “Home Churches” as they shared stories of God’s action in their lives and shared stories of Jesus and his Gospel or Good News in their lives.

This year we will grow together through an at home program from the Pastoral Center called Growing Up Catholic – Faith Stories. It is a three year series: 1. God Calls 2. Jesus Lives    3. Spirit With Us. 

The first order of business is to register online through this link below. The first Zoom meeting for Parents and students will be held on theTuesday of December 12-15-2020 at 6:30pm. Until then let us hold each other in prayer and be Grateful for what we have and that we have each other.



Sister Kathleen Drilling, SSND

Director of Religious Education 

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