Whom should we choose as Godparents?

Choose relatives or friends who you feel will:

  • serve as Christian models for your child
  • help you in your duties as Christian parents
  • witness their faith at the baptism and beyond

Requirements for godparents:

  • must be Practicing Catholics (provide letter from their parish/parishes)
  • must be married in the Catholic Church (provide a certificate of Marriage)
  • must provide copy of Confirmation certificate
  • must attend a baptism preparation class within the last four years and provide written proof of attendance - may attend at any parish.


Most parents choose two godparents; however, only one is required. If you choose only one, you may also choose a Christian witness (must also attend the baptism preparation class) to support you and your child’s faith development.

You may choose a proxy for the ceremony if a godparent cannot attend. Same requirements apply as a Godparent.

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