Baptism Requirements

What do we need to do to have our child baptized?

Prior to scheduling a time and date for Baptism, parents must:

  • be registered members of St. Paul Catholic Newman Center at least three months or provide a letter of permission from the pastor of the child's geographical church
  • complete the baptism registration form
  • provide a copy of the birth certificate
  • pay the $50 registration fee
  • participate in a baptism preparation class within the last four years and provide written proof of attendance - this class may be attended at any parish. Please contact the office if you would like to attend our baptism preparation class (the fee is $10 per person).


Please note:

  • You will receive a baptismal candle during the ceremony. If you prefer, you may bring a candle which you have purchased.
  • Parents are encouraged to clothe their children in a white garment or a white baptismal stole for the ceremony.
  • The customary donation for a baptism is $50 which should be presented at the time of registration.
  • Any offering to the priest or deacon should be given directly to him at the baptism.


Please note: Baptisms will not be scheduled until you have met with Jenna Sainz, our Office Manager. Please contact her at 436-3434 or to schedule a meeting. All paperwork must accompany the registration form or the baptism will not be scheduled.  The registration form is given only at the time of the meeting. 

These guidelines are designed to ensure that the Sacrament of Baptism is fully appreciated by the parents, godparents, and all who are participating in your celebration.

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