“Come… Follow Me” - A Spiritual Journey to Wholeness & Healing.

The Call to a unique spiritual journey following the Way of Jesus, placing him at the center of your life and letting him lead you on a path to a new way of living, thinking, and being.

The Program follows a 12 Step Spiritual Path based on Scripture, the Beatitudes, and Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Designed to guide you in your search for hope, healing, and serenity - the steps provide a roadmap to discern God’s will for your life and the support to live it out. It offers tools and resources to minimize your ego and to maximize your humility and willingness to serve God and others. The 12 Steps will help you grow spiritually and travel a path to peace and holiness.

This unique program begins Tuesday, September 4 and runs every Tuesday night until May 28 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. 


Please register below. Payments can be made at the front desk. 


If you have any questions please contact John Prandini at prandinij@csufnewman.com


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